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Over the years I've been sure to diversify my gaming outlook. Here you'll see a lot of my standard arrangements from various games over the past few generations.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) "Chaos Intervention" (End of the World)

Release: November 2012

Say what you want about the infamous Sonic '06, but musically the events surrounding the game's Last Episode inspired me on a musical front. What I liked about the "End of the World" was how not only it built tension to one of the most panic-infused components of the game, but also the way the music was presented as each of Sonic's friends were being played as, presenting their attitudes and feelings at the time. This was what I aimed to express with one of my longest tracks to date, which also shifts between a fair amount of genres given its pacing. In other words, I'd see this to "Zelda's Nightmare" for the Sonic fandom :P

Fun Fact: During the intro and Silver's segment, you'd hear a live ukulele doing a slowed-down variation on the string motif for the game's main theme, "His World". This stemmed from my first appearance on Sonic Radio's livestream tests, which partway through I picked up my Ukulele to play some random Sonic tracks, some by request of people tuning in!
Click to download "Chocolate Chipped Cream Sundae Supreme"
Shadow the Hedgehog "Find the Computer Room!" (Cosmic Fall)

Release: October 2012

I must admit, the source material for Shadow as a whole isn't quite as melodic as most of the other games in the Sonic series, but I definitely wanted to experiment through the Cosmic Fall source. That level paid host to an infamous meme stated by Hero buddy Vector the Crocodile, and I saw it as a chance to turn the meme on its head and make it sound more synthetic, or rather, game-like. Instrument-wise it wasn't quite as complex as some of my other ones done around this time, though it didn't necessarily need to be due to its nature - with a track like this, less is more.

Fun Fact: There was going to be an extended intro involving pads and an "All Hail Shadow" cameo, but that was taken out due to A) track length as it is, and B) sounding too similar to another track I had previously worked on. You try and guess which one...
Click to download "Chocolate Chipped Cream Sundae Supreme"
Sonic Unleashed "Chocolate Chipped Cream Sundae Supreme" (Rooftop Run - Day)|{LYRICS}

Release: August 2012

This track from the Sonic Paradox Remix Shorts is a little different from me - a rare VOCAL SONG! Actually, I had wanted to do a vocal song since being invited in the first place, but then came the thought of wondering exactly how it would fit in without being too abrasive. Then I remembered Chip's eternally-immature personality from Sonic Unleashed and saw it as a chance to establish his relationship with his ice cream namesake. Through the album's reception, pretty much everyone I ran into that experienced it saw it as my 'crowning moment of funny' - all the gladder to have gone in this direction!

Fun Fact: sonicsneakers managed to help out with the raw recording of my vocals by using the Melodyne software to bring in some extra harmonies that I initially didn't plan before. Since then, I've become more and more keen to try the Melodyne Editor package for myself.
Click to download "Chocolate Chipped Cream Sundae Supreme"
Sonic Labyrinth "Labyrinth of the Mind" (Act 1)

Release: August 2012

Not long after the Sonic Fan Music Festival in June (when I had sent a few of my arrangements for the franchise), I received mail from sonicsneakers over at Sonic Paradox - best known for their Sonic Shorts animation series - whom invited me to partake in the site's new Remix Shorts project - a set of fun Sonic arrangements ideally less than 2 minutes long. I saw the chance to go silly with all of them, though I took the cake with this Sonic Labyrinth take - evolve as far as you can, but you can't escape the memories of THIS particular Game Gear blunder. Also, fun with Super Smash Bros. Brawl quotes!

Fun Fact: When showing the track to other project musicians after finishing it, DJ Ear remarked that it sounded like it would fit in a Kirby game. I see the similarity with the sound design, but that wasn't intentional...!!
Click to download "Labyrinth of the Mind"
Ristar "Shoot the Moon" (Star Humming / Next Cruise)

August 2012

For a few years, SnappleMan had been doing occasional competitions of his own, through his own Punchfest - based in the Dwelling of Duels community, you're given 6 hours to make an arrangement that corresponded with the theme. The one that was held in mid-August had a theme of "games released in 1995", and I saw it as an appropriate fit for more Ristar love. The tones of the source material gave me enough of a chance to make something overly happy with the progression and more synthetic sound selection. To my surprised it received a strong reception at Punchfest itself, especially in regards to the sound design!

Fun Fact: The contest was done on the same night as the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony. Thus that made me almost too easily distracted at various points...
Click to download "Shoot the Moon"
Sonic 3 & Colors "Welcome to the Ice Cream Zone" (Ice Cap Zone / Sweet Mountain)

July 2012

This was the second of two bonus tracks stemming from Sonic Zone, and was inspired from a particular experience while listening to Saturday Night SEGA, which had been featuring the tracks throughout its run. In a discussion about the Ice Cap Zone music, show host Gavvie accidentally blurted out "Ice Cream Zone" instead, and then the gag quickly got turned to wanting to make something silly out of Ice Cap. So this mashup literally portrays the imagery of what happens when you suddenly pour galleons of sugar amongst the Ice Cap soundscapes... all done in a Punchfest-style time restriction!

Fun Fact: For a long term Sonic contest, there didn't seem to be much love for Ice Cap. Jason Covenant weilded the source, but he didn't have anything for round 1. (Shame, I would've loved to have gone against him in Round 2...)
Click to download "Welcome to the Ice Cream Zone"
Sonic 2 & Colors "Go Into the Light" (Emerald Hill Zone 2P / Planet Wisp)

Release: July 2012

Even after getting eliminated from Sonic Zone at round 4, I still wanted to make some strong Sonic arrangements. One of my outlets between then and the competition's closure was through a darker yet theraupatic take between both my Emerald Hill pick and through Brandon Strader's choice, the Planet Wisp stage music from Sonic Colors (and just like me he was also knocked out at Round 4.) After hearing his awesome takes throughout the compo I felt like really wanting to do so myself, and with this "light at the end of the tunnel" philosophy I got going with this, I felt it was one of my more expressive works as of late.

Fun Fact: Aside from the two main sources, there are six cameos from various others throughout the Sonic series. Can you name them all??
Click to download "Go Into the Light"
Sonic 2 / Sonic & Knuckles "Magma on the Dancefloor" (Emerald Hill Zone 2P / Lava Reef Zone)

Release: June 2012

For round 3 of Sonic Zone, I went up against competition organizer SuperiorX, an up and coming artist whose style I grew to like through the Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet. Here, his choice of track was the Lava Reef Zone stage music from Sonic & Knuckles - therefore making this my THIRD attempt at arranging that particular source! Here I took a leaf out of the last time we duelled in the WCRG, and brought in a groove-driven track in the works inspired by 90s Eurodance. That vote similarly got close right at the end, but the appeal was strong enough for it to gain a huge amount of love from the SEGA-based radio stations outside of the competition!

Fun Fact: Not long after getting my track sent off, SuperiorX then ended up saying that HIS entry ("Filtered Love") was done in a very similar style. I admit I was scared when I found out initially, but looking back now, I'm finding it hilarious!
Click to download "Magma on the Dancefloor"
Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2 "Just Like College" (Green Hill Zone / Emerald Hill Zone 2P)

Release: May 2012

Keeping with the compo trend, the Spring months saw the launch of the Sonic Zone knockout competition over at the OC Remix boards. In a similar format to its Mega Man based knockout tournaments, you pick a stage theme and duel against others until only one artist remains. I had the Emerald Hill Zone 2P theme from Sonic 2 throughout, and my first opponent was DusK, weilding the iconic Green Hill Zone. Here, I decided to put in a more nostalgic chip-driven track to counter his metalcore influences - while a little more understated than my other appearances, I personally felt it was one of my best examples of what I'm capable of.

Fun Fact: You can thank Brandon Strader for thinking that everyone in the Sonic Bracket (mine) are all "lizards" (and coincidentally Zerothemaster for calling those in the Robotnik Bracket "pancakes"). Every single one of my contest entries had to include at least one Gex quote for that reason!
Click to download "Just Like College"
Final Fantasy X "Moving Besaid You" (Besaid Island)

Release: September 2011

After 2010's success, I then thought it would be fun to go for 2011's Freshly Baked Remix Challenge as well. This time the roulette gave me FFX's Besaid Island theme, as chosen by yosefu. While not the most melodic source I could've had, it did however set a good threshold for something a little more free-spirited in nature, something that reflected Tidus's first steps at Besaid Island and the growth of his coming comradeship with Wakka, Yuna and their associates. Unfortunately the FBRC turnout was anything *other* than a sign of comradeship, with a low turnout, weak organisation and a fair chunk of the other competitors being too hostile to go ahead with the listening party. But the fact remains that I survived the test and came out with something worthwhile.

Fun Fact: This mix apparently marked the first time I used a master compressor myself. I've often been told in the past that some of my mixes are too quiet, so with these more upbeat tracks I felt I need to learn more advanced techniques to make sure they have a strong form of energy.
Click to download "Moving Besaid You"
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 "Divided From Grace" (Angel Island Zone)

Release: November 2006

This rendition of Angel Island for the Sonic 3 & Knuckles album "Project Chaos" was actually the first project track that I ever worked on. Given how drastically different the acts for this zone were, the arrangement ended up shifting into a narrative direction, reflecting on on-screen events that may happen during the zone as the player makes its way through. In spite of some concerns about my drum programming at the time, the response from the Sonic fan community was phenomenal and there had even been comparisions to music from various games since the mid-90s, ranging from Crash Bandicoot to
Animal Crossing to Zelda: Twilight Princess among others. Special credit also goes to project co-manager Snappleman for helping re-mastering the bass part.

Fun Fact: I offered a free remix to anyone who can get at least 4 cameos present here out of the 7 there (!!). Yet the only person who managed to identify that quota, Nineko, was so modest he kept his mouth shut about the whole thing.
Click to download "Divided From Grace"
Cave Story "Smoothie Brace" (Geothermal)

Release: June 2006

k-wix's Cave Story Remix Project, which saw origins in conception around the VGMix crowd at the time, was actually the first project released to have my name tagged onto it. Having appreciated my style I was contacted by k-wix to see if I can give something a go, though I found it so hard with many of the more melodic tracks being snapped up first. Eventually I settled on "Geothermal" and took a leaf out of analoq's book to go for something a little more organic than what the source material might imply, and one that I showed pride on a production-based level at the time. Special credit goes to k-wix himself for naming the whole thing when I couldn't think of anything at all!

Fun Fact: It wasn't until a few years later that I saw that some Cave Story
fans seemed torn about the track after it apparently "not catching the essence of the source material". But amongst them I did notice someone stating that this is "what you hear when Curly wakes up". Can't say I would've thought of that on my own.
Click to download "Smoothie Brace"
Crash Bandicoot 2 "Tangerine Channel" (The Eel Deal)

Release: February 2006

My ongoing Crash Bandicoot exposure mission ended up making its way to my second anniversary of registering at VGMix (which was actually a few days before the site actually shut down, figures). Here I thought I'd play around with Liverpool Hope's AK Samplers and create atmosphere to compliment a melodic arrangement. So I went with the sewer stage music from Crash 2 to see if I can turn the claustrophobic nature of the level on its head and go for something that may make the sewers it's based on a little bit cleaner. It's a shame it didn't last on VGMix, though ultimately the guys at Remix:ThaSauce picked it up and hosted it there for others to see.

Fun Fact: Hear the "clanging" sound used as a percussive sound throughout? What you're hearing is actually a sampled frying pan, which I thought made a good metal-against-metal effect here.
Click to download "Tangerine Channel"
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 "Mobius Fly Trap [Amazon Edit]" (Aquatic Ruin Zone)

Release: October 2005

This Sonic 2 arrangement initially was concepted as part of the People's Remix Competition, which you are given a week to remix a rather under-appreciated source by the OC Remix community (in this case Aquatic Ruin) and people vote on which they thought did the best in regards to the theme. The original track didn't win, but the arrangement faced a production overhaul since, while still retained the fun latin dance appeal to accompany the stage setting. I could even say that I find it to be one of my most enjoyable PRC entries to work on too!

Fun Fact: The original PRC version - aside from the weaker production - also had a live recorder and an in-joke regarding OC Remix community manager Liontamer and his tolerance for Sonic vocal songs. Just as well that the lulzy aspects had to be taken out for the update, isn't it?
Click to download "Mobius Fly Trap (Amazon Edit)"
Crash Bandicoot: Warped "A Weekend Down Under" (Main Theme)

Release: September 2004

My mission for Crash Bandicoot coverage officially begun not long before I started my freshman year. So what I did was had a go at making an arrangement out of the iconic main theme from the third game, being sure to take advantage of the more experimental sounds that my music tutor had. To be able to translate the theme into a significantly more accessible melody was shown as a huge challenge between us and in the end it managed to come out fine, almost a little grunge-ish in inspiration. For something that marked the beginning of such endeavours it didn't come out too bad and had managed to stand well in regards to what I've done.

Fun Fact: This also went on to be my first OverClocked Remix submission, which sadly came back with a 2Y 4N verdict. Strangely, for a long time this would also remain the only Crash-related attempt from anyone to even reach the panel.
Click to download "A Weekend Down Under"
Final Fantasy VII "Chinatown's Future" (Wutai)

Release: June 2004

The first ever arrangement that I'd ever work on, and that was during some music production tuition lessons that I took up since the age of 12 (where I also took up some additional piano lessons there too). Inspired by people making all these arrangements on OCRemix and VGMix and my grasping of the concept, I set out to see what I can do with his equipment and went for an ambient/DnB take on the music heard in the village of Wutai. It's fair to say it's almost Delerium-esque in nature, which seemed to compliment it with the atmosphere and the structure in general. It received a pretty good reception from the VGMix crowd, though I did also learn a few things to improve on my skills over time.

Fun Fact: When laying down the beat foundation, the original intention was to do an arrangement out of the Doomsday Zone music from Sonic & Knuckles before Wutai came into my head more prominently. See, even in the beginning I had appreciation for lesser-covered territory.
Click to download "Chinatown's Future"

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