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Standard - Nintendo

Even though I didn't necessarily grow up with Nintendo other than possessing a Game Boy, their systems were the sources of most of my arrangements. On this page, you'll find a good handful of these.

Live A Live "Don't Get Your Katana Up" (Wanderer / Secret Mission)

Release: September 2012

All throughout July, Nitro Game Injection did a themed "Versus Month", where two themed creatures would be represented with music selections relating to them and get played on the show, and the voters picked which side they liked better. Long time contributor Dj Mokram saw it as a good idea to run an album - GameDuels Vol. 1 - based on the first three winners - Cowboys, Ninjas and Warriors - with people picking sources from two of them and mashing them up. I saw it as the appropriate chance to work on a Live A Live track, bringing Oboro-Maru and the Sundown Kid together in a ridiculous blend of western (yes, that harmonica is LIVE) and eastern influences.

Fun Fact: I missed the final deadline spectacularly... by 3 days. But I'm glad that Mokram waited around for it in the end, in spite of how much of a pain this was to master...
Click to download "Don't Get Your Katana Up"
Mega Man 1 & 6 "Synthesize This!" (Wily's Tower Stage 1 / Plant Man's Stage)

Release: December 2011

This would be my third arrangement for the Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet (see below), and round 8 featured a rather bland standalone source through the Wily Tower theme from the original Mega Man title. For this one, I ended up doing something a little different and providing a hint of 70s Disco in the works! Expect cheesy brass, octave basslines, occasional chip elements and just Plant Man being brought at his most flamboyant! The track finished in 4th place that week, making it the better of my arrangements for the gauntlet, not to mention a huge jump in regards to the whole production process.

Fun Fact: You can thank Brandon Strader for the initial thoughts for doing this kind of track. In a random conversation with him about how to best approach these arrangements, he stated that instead of straight covers, I should've "gone for gay covers". Hence, the sudden thought of Plant Man in the style of the Village People.
Click to download "Synthesize This!"
Mega Man 2 & 6 "The Root of All Things" (Wily's Castle Stage 1 / Plant Man's Stage)

Release: November 2011

This track was written for the Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet, a Mega Man themed team competition hosted at OCRemix by DarkeSword in which the lead arrangers are to make remixes that fuse together the Robot Master they picked and the Wily Castle stage music for that week. Round 2 had the iconic Stage 1 from Mega Man 2, and the feel I felt with this was for a fusion of organic and electronic sounds to give in to more of a literal 'organic' backdrop to it. The track as a result ended up with a mere 6th place finish, but it was something to learn from and I am hoping to provide something more mindblowing with my writing as the competition progresses.

Fun Fact: Originally I was to tow in some guitar playing from Brandon Strader on the arrangement, but with his personal life crippling his free time that week the plans were drastically changed and the lead guitar part was played on a lead synth instead.
Click to download "The Root of All Things"
Mega Man 9 "A Concrete Orange" (Concrete Jungle)

Release: September 2011

One of my most ridiculous remixing experiments happened when DarkeSword orchestrated the Rockin' S
ockin' Cinder Blockin' EP marking a musical homage to Concrete Man - the one robot master that got left out of Back In Blue (see below). A tedious link I did conceptually with the source eventually led me to have a go at remixing it in the style of the 1960s classical moog transcriptions from Wendy Carlos, all the way down to the four-note polyphony, crazy channel switching and real-time inputs. I only really had 2 days to work on it as most of the arrangement phase was spent on vacation, but with the little time I had I felt I did firm enough with one of the quirkier additions to the album. See, there's more sides to a concrete block than you think!

Fun Fact: The idea to arrange Concrete Man's theme in the style of Carlos actually started forming in my head not long after I saw the final track listing for Back in Blue, and would've been started on upon actually returning from vacation. So even before the album proposal, the idea was sprouting!
Click to download "A Concrete Orange"
Mega Man 9 "Shopping Network" (Shop)

Release: September 2011

This is my track for OverClocked Remix's Mega Man 9 album "Back in Blue", as spearheaded by k-wix. After seeing my capabilities through the Cave Story Remix Project beforehand, he recruited me to see if I can tackle something from the game's score. I have a tendancy to pick up the pieces that nobody really wanted, so by the time I checked out what was left I found myself feeling I could do something with the shop BGM and provide something more "commercial" in structure
- and somehow feminine to the touch! In spite of some production reservations, I feel I did really well when measuring this against other tracks made for the project, and have seen it as one of the big steps for a more reflective way of remixing in recent times.

Fun Fact: When I saw the project trailer, I mistook their rendition of Hornet Man - "Smooth As Honey" - as a track by Cyril the Wolf; then I found out a few days later upon discovering the tracklist that it was actually Sir Jordanius. Please don't ask me how.
Click to download "Shopping Network"
Tales of Phantasia "Summoning of Spirits" (Fighting of the Spirit)

Release: March 2009

This was one of four tracks that I worked upon for the OCRemix Tales arrangement project "Summoning of Spirits". I was first told by project manager KyleJCrb not long after the Dragon Quest collaboration between us that he would be starting up a project and had me in mind to do a rendition of "Fighting of the Spirit" (which at this point I had heard it so many times on his Nitro Game Injection radio show) to close the album. My style was already quite dark so to try and do something minimalist and etheral
while still capturing the source material was a big challenge for me at the time. As a matter of fact, it survived the test of time remarkably well; from initial writing in May 2005, it had managed to stand well for four years to still stand strong on the album upon release.

Fun Fact: Originally this track was going to have Japanese vocals placed sparingly across the mix. But after seeing general public reactions to past vocal mixes hosted by the site, that idea was quickly dropped.
Click to download "Summoning of Spirits"
Tales of Symphonia "Dream Traveler" (Presea)

Release: March 2009

Some point in early 2006, Kyle approached me again to try and do another track for "Summoning of Spirits", this time feeling that I can do something with Presea's theme from Tales of Symphonia. I was already modestly familiar with the music through fellow project musician Nick Tam's arrangement of the same theme "Fair Lass of Ozette", which I stumbled upon on VGMix back in the day, so I gave it a go. I found inspiration when I found out she wore a costume of Klonoa at some point in the game, whose platformers I greatly enjoyed back in my youth; with that in mind, this arrangement was done in a similar style to some of the more gentler works in the franchise, written solely for piano and solo string. It can also be seen as a more experimental arrangement in comparison to what I've usually done, but I had a lot of confidence that it managed to pay off.

Fun Fact: The track saw its premiere in the second-to-last episode of Larry Oji's radio show, VG Frequency, being among only a handful of tracks to be played that night along with OCRemix's Chrono Trigger album "Chrono Symphonic". The response however wasn't all that great, but I kept optimistic that it would last well.
Click to download "Dream Traveler"
Tales of Phantasia "Middle-Aselia Biology" (Forest of the Treant)

Release: March 2009

Kyle then asked for me again later on in 2006 to be on standby for any stragglers for the Tales project. Needless to say there were a handful, which included the spot for "Forest of the Treant", then taken up by Reuben Kee. After being pointed towards that track in particular, I then gave it a go, hoping to provide something more upbeat in comparison to my previous 2 contributions at that point. What went buzzing in my mind was a lively forest setting surrounding the secrets around it (in Treant's case an elf village and the summon spirit Origin), which seemed to reflect itself in a more colorful setting expressed here. The track was established in record time, and so Kyle was happy to take it on in the end.

Fun Fact: Reuben Kee went on to finish his version as well, "My Secret Forest", and so it was decided to put one on the Phantasia side (mine) and the other on the Symphonia side. Sadly, Reuben was killed in a dragon boat racing accident over a year before the project's release, which left me feeling guilt regarding this scenario.
Click to download "Middle-Aselia Biology"
Tales of Phantasia "Gentry is a Five Letter Word" (Euclid)

Release: March 2009

With there still being several blank spots on the Phantasia side a year before the Tales project release, I then stepped up to try for any tracks that weren't already taken. Hoping to work with something with strong melodical content, I ultimately went with the Euclid music to provide something a little more atmospheric. It was also there that I hoped to do something different and experiement with an unconventional time signature (in this case 5/4 time) while still being flexible with what I could provide. While I may not see it as one of my best productions, I personally felt the creative arrangement taken behind the whole thing long managed to make it all up.

Fun Fact: I offered a free remix to anyone that can guess most of the cameos present here, however since no one got it I'll mention them all here anyway: "Premonition" and "Penetrate" from the game itself, and the title themes for the first two games in the Spyro the Dragon videogame series (to be fair it DID sound a bit like some of Stewart Copeland's works, so there we go). Probably the closest we'd get to series exposure on the site...!
Click to download "Gentry is a Five Letter Word"
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "Zelda's Nightmare" (Zelda's Lullaby)

Release: November 2005

The final round of's "Splendid Performance" competition required the arrangers to take a source material and completely invert the meaning behind it. I was game to do something with a more peaceful theme this round anyway to compliment my choices for the previous 4 auditions, though inspiration kicked in when I threw in possible ideas on what to do with "Zelda's Lullaby". I originally perceived it as a track that gives hope to Link on his travels and a presence of comfort prior to moving ahead, so to go for something that would ultimately sound more moody and chaotic was one of the most difficult production efforts I've ever had to go by. To my surprise, I ended up winning the whole competition with this arrangement, which when going up against community legends like Darangen, Bladiator and Christian Pacaud it made for no easy feat at all!

Fun Fact: Yes, that's my voice put under an N.Gin-style voice filter about halfway through the mix. I don't think I make a convincing Zelda though, but you never know.
Click to download "Zelda's Nightmare"

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