Community links

* OverClocked Remix - A site dedicated to videogame music arrangements, and pays host to over 2000 quality user-submitted tracks as well as over 20 site projects.

* ThaSauce - Delivering news from around the videogame music remix community. Has also paid host to a handful of user-submitted remixes as well as OverClocked Remix's competitions.

* Dwelling of Duels - A monthly themed competition that requires the arrangers to play the lead instrument(s) live.

* VGMusic - Home to various MIDI transcriptions/remixes of various videogame tunes. I've submitted a handful of these in my time, and I still will send the odd one or two on occasion.

* RPGamer - A website covering the RPG genre of videogames. This site accepts music-based submissions through the Sound Test section.

* OverLooked ReMiX - Similar to OverClocked Remix, but the primary focus is for the user-submitted mixes to be funny, even if it's for all the wrong reasons!

Radio Stations and Podcasts

* KNGI - KyleJCrb's website, paying host to many videogame music arrangement podcasts including Nitro Game Injection (co-hosted by himself and Larry Oji), GameFuel (hosted by himself) and Open Circuit (hosted by jmr).

* OverClocked After Dark - A weekly podcast centered around community happenings, complete with random and comedic banter from Level 99, Brushfire and the rest of the crew.

* Radio SEGA - A British web radio station entirely focused on music from SEGA games. Home to shows like Late And Live, Saturday Night SEGA and Ultra Wave!

* Radio Nintendo - Like Radio SEGA, but more centered on Mario's home stable. Home to its flagship broadcast, Silver's Saturday Show!

* Sonic Radio - A Californian-based web station, focused almost exclusively on all things blue and speedy. The Sonic R radio and livestream broadcasts are centered here.

Find Me Elsewhere!

* My Facebook - All new releases and other news would be posted here first. Be sure to click the "like" button to keep up to date on everything!

* My Twitter - Follow me to see what I've been up to lately! Sometimes musical endeavours, sometimes sillier things; but no matter what, all site updates will be posted there as they come!

* My Youtube - Paying host to me doing random things, mostly in the world of rhythm gaming.

* My Deviantart page - I rarely use this page anymore, but if I do, expect me to use it as a host for my own fan artwork. Just don't expect the quality of them to be as good as my music though!