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Latest Music Releases:
09/01/2013 - Super Dodge Ball "Almost Frozen" [NEW VERSION] (feat. Monobrow)
17/12/2012 - Ristar "Stars on Ice" (feat. DusK)
11/14/2012 - Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) "Chaos Intervention" (standard - other)
10/26/2012 - Shadow the Hedgehog "Find the Computer Room!" (standard - other)

10/01/2012 - Conker's Bad Fur Day "Broken Wind Rag" (piano solo)

09/01/2013 - You STILL can't take your balls outside at -50º!
So I am truly well into the New Year, and facing many challenges ahead so far. One thing that managed to catch me off-guard though was that today saw the OC Remix mixpost for "Almost Frozen", that Team Iceland collab for the site's Super Dodge Ball project released over a year ago!

It IS, however, in a different form to what it was for the project (just some production tweaks on Monobrow's end), further amplifying how the development of the track almost 'froze' (lol?) the development for the entire project, but the end result is still as sharp as it was when it arrived originally. This revised take is up for grabs in the Collaborations grid!

17/12/2012 - But 'Dancing on Ice' isnt back on TV until January! ...wait a minute......
Today saw the release for Volume 6 of An OverClocked Christmas, an annual festive EP by members of OC Remix and organised by Dyne. 13 tracks from a handful of different mixers, expect VGM arrangements, wintry originals and even mixes of some well known Christmas songs. And there had to be quite the collaboration that ended up there!

You may remember DusK already from the one time we paired up during the Sonic Zone contest earlier this year; and this album marked the second time we crossed paths. This time, he brought me on to contribute to his Ristar arrangement for the album, "Stars on Ice" - and let me say that the remix turned out pretty damn cool (bad pun!). You can go grab that in the Collaborations grid!

11/14/2012 - The Instability of Time Caused This Time-Space Rift...
At this point 6 years ago, Sonic fans were given the displeasure of his movement onto next-generation platforms, simply titled Sonic the Hedgehog, or Sonic '06 to the general fanbase. But you know me - sometimes, inspiration comes from the weirdest places. And so, I saw room to experiement with the "End of the World" source tune, all coming together to form "Chaos Intervention". This cocktail of pure madness is over at the Standard Other grid for you to get now!

10/26/2012 - Where's That Damn Fourth Chaos Emerald?
So I've had a lot of projects on my plate coming towards the end of the year, though I definitely won't leave you guys starving at this point. Today saw a new track release in the form of "Find the Computer Room!". What I did was turned that infamous meme from Shadow the Hedgehog on its head and went for something rather... chip-tastic... with this interpretation of Cosmic Fall. You can go read more about it and grab that in the Standard Other grid!

10/01/2012 - The Wind Calls Once Again - Update Long Overdue?!
How long did I leave this place alone? 10 months, so it seems. I humbly apologise for leaving it like this, but either way, there is a HUGE UPDATE coming! Over 20 new tracks have been posted onto my music page across all three tabs, so be sure to take a look for anything you might have missed. It has even gotten to the point that the Standard tab has grown so big that I have decided to split it into two. So all the many Nintendo tracks I currently have here (surprisingly?) ended up being put on their own page.

Into more recent news - while I may update this often, I also frequently float around my Facebook page - that's where new tracks and any other bits of news would be put on there first. I'll even do a lot to interact with you all, so be sure to click the "like" button to keep up to date!

And with a new update should naturally come a new remix! Today saw the end of the Dwelling of Duels September 2012 Acoustic Month, so that meant solo piano entries were perfectly legit. "Broken Wind Rag" continues my ventures into more upbeat piano performances than the usual, though how one would associate 'upbeat' with Conker is probably anyone's guess. Either way, this arrangement finished in 5th place out of ten entries - definitely not bad at all! You can go grab that track over at the Solo Piano grid.